Laundered Stripper Money and Thank You's

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
So here I am sipping on a glass of wine, (I may have abandoned my no more drinking rule for a few days. Don’t judge me!) listening to Chris Stapleton, in Portland, Maine soaking it all in. We brought my son, Josh, a U-Haul full of his furniture and personal belongings to Portland. It is here that he has chosen to chase a dream and find himself…for a bit. He and Richard are busy hanging shelves, tacking up lights, putting pictures on the walls and keeping Lowes in business. When I was Josh’s age, finding my passion or doing what speaks to me, was not “a thing.” I was busy trying to have it all; a successful relationship, kids, career, mortgage, a white picket fence…you get the picture.  Doing something that just felt good and filled my heart with joy wasn’t something I really thought about but here I am…better late than never. I’m not saying I am going to become a hard-core eventer.  Romeo’s days are numbered and honestly, I got lucky a few times at Jump Start.…